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Present general information and specific knowledge of personnel.

The website consist of;
  1. Home; for general information and link to anything about Thalassemia Main link to about history, knowledge, multidisciplinary care, activities. We can link to facebook thalassemia Thailand clubs such as ​​
  2. Knowledge: We have two part of these; general knowledge for patient and special knowledge for personnel all about Thalassemia management to practice.
  3. Multidisciplinary: All about data of holistic model care for Thalassemia patient and family: Dental care, Drugs for treatment, Food and nutrition, Physical therapy.
  4. Activities: We have a lot of activities. Two main of purposes are social announcement and development of this project “New Life, New Look, New Thalassemia patients.
  • Social announcement
  1. Change Asia, Rescue the Earth (CARE) project in Thailand joining Thai PBS producing its first season under the theme of “Explore common issue of the region” Thalassemia was selected in first season for explore silent problem in our country.
  2. NBT (Nation Broadcast Thailand) channel; Interview about Thalassemia project receive Thailand Public Service Award on December 2012.
  3. Channel 3; Interview about Dream on you project receive Thailand The Best government officer on November 2012. Dream on you project is support all chronic illness patient for improve quality of life.
  4. Campaign Contest for students to prevent thalassemia project. We have 2 short film present from “The way” and “The wind of dream”
  5. Channel 7; Interview about NHSO (National Health Security Office) support treatment Thalassemia patient. Khon Kaen Hospital was selected for holistic model approach on patients.
  • Developing process of this project, we have 3 season,
  1. Start: Education project for Thalassemia patient and personnel.
  2. Developing: Holistic approach and multidisciplinary care team.
  3. Networks: Thalassemia Khon Kaen Hospital model was implement in network hospitals.

In a near future, ebooks could have an important role during consultation, conference as we could serve as an interactive “digital handout”. We think that ebook readers could become a useful instrument for developing Thalassemia care team to help about of children in the future, because we know that, a lot of patients under detect and so far from hospital and blood giving. We hope that knowledge and activities could change your mind to fighting for your patient.

We Are Here To Serve You

Thalassemia refers to a group of inherited hematological disorders. They occur most commonly among people of Southeast Asian, Southern Asian and Mediterranean ancestry. Thalassemia includes a number of different forms of anemia, classified both by their clinical and genetic manifestations. The two main types are α- and β-thalassemia, depending on which part of hemoglobin is lacking in the red blood cells. In Thailand α-thalassemia, β-thalassemia, hemoglobin (Hb) E and Hb Constant Spring are prevalent. Approximately 30 to 40% of the Thais are carriers of thalassemia genes. β-thalassemia major patients have severe anemia, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly. Bones become thin and brittle, and face bones become distorted. Heart failure and infection are the leading causes of death among untreated children.

Thalassemia Center at Khon Kaen Hospital started in the June 2011. Thalassemia Center is conducted as a networking. This involves many institute, departments and faculties in Khon Khaen Hospital such as department of laboratory, department of pharmacy, department of food and nutrition, department of pediatric, department of medical record, department of blood service.
Currently, the thalassemia center is responsible for the following:

1. Thalassemia diagnosis

We provide full range of thalassemia diagnosis, which including

  • Hemoglobin typing
  • DNA diagnosis for β- and α-thalassemia

2. Genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis

For high risk couple we provide genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis. Prenatal diagnosis for thalassemia by protein and DNA analysis.

All tests in the Thalassemia Center Laboratory are performed and validated after a well organized training, abroad, permitting the employees to improve their knowledge and laboratory skills by performing and reporting all types of molecular diagnosis tests. Furthermore, our personnel is dedicated and attends numerous conferences, seminars and workshops.

Our Valuable Team Members

Dr.Monthana Juntharaniyom
Dr.Monthana Juntharaniyom Thalassemia Khonkaenhospital Center Director
Dr.Monthana Juntharaniyom ,MD.Pedriatric Hematologist ,Thalassemia Khonkaenhospital Center Director
Mr.Tharin Phakdee
Mr.Tharin PhakdeeMedical technologist
- Bachelor Medical technologist from Chaing Mai University.

-Master’s degree Transfusion science from Medical fraculty Siriraj hospital  Mahidol University.

In Thalassemia Center : Responce for blood component preperation, blood component distribution, blood component compatibility testing and blood service planing.

Mr.Pairoj Wechanama
Mr.Pairoj WechanamaMedical technologist at thalassemia center
- Bachelor Medical Technologist from Khonkaen University.

– Master’s degree Medical Biochemistry from Khonkaen University.

In Thalassemia Center : Analytical and interprate of Hb typing analytical and interprate of DNA for α , thalassemia by real time PCR technique.

Miss Puthachad Namwaing
Miss Puthachad NamwaingPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapist Professional raval Khonkaen hospital.

Pimporn ruchirakul
Pimporn ruchirakulNutritionnist / dieticial
Redantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa qu ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architectos beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim.

Pakatida Phalinyot
Pakatida PhalinyotDentistry: Dental & oral health care
DDS, Khon kaen university.


supangpim tepo
supangpim tepoDrug distribution / Drug counselling
Bachelor of Pharmacy from KhonKaen University

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