Since 1386 and while investigating the medical protocol of patients with Thalassemia and drawing up a timetable for 150 patients at the Special Diseases Center regarding the periodical visits of cardio, glands, hearing ability, bone density,… as well as need assessment and evaluation of patients we realized two important issues. The emotional and consultation needs of patients, their dental problems and concern for oral health are three main concerns. The face and mouth are the first areas of a person-healthy or unhealthy- which are exposed to the surrounding environment and this in many cases can manifest signs of disease and lead to a communication between the dentists and the patient.

To this end and to get to a novel concept, dental treatments for patients with thalassemia were taken into account and the scene was set for holding an academic seminar on the topic in 1386, 1387 and 1389. What follows is a summary of the issues raised by Iranian professors and researchers in the field:

Given that oral and dental health is part of general health, paying attention to dental treatments for individuals of all ages and socioeconomic status and even those diagnosed by a disease.

Those suffering from Thalassaemia, though, need further attention to their dental and oral health given their constant use of medicine, low tolerance threshold, inattention to oral and dental health, emotional stress and heavy costs of treatment. Taking oral and dental health into consideration in treatment protocols and establishing links between the medical and dental sections as well raising awareness among patients with regard to oral and dental health play important roles in getting to the desirable conditions. Knowing this, it is necessary to incorporate treatment management of such patients in the dental setting into the curriculum of dentistry students and those in the continued education. In the meantime, attention to dental care for these patients at a younger age, hygiene education for the patient and his/her family, change in diet and encouraging the patient to go through three-month medical exams and 6-month dental exams are some vital elements aiding the doctors in getting to the above mentioned goals.купить опции и аксессуары (смазочно-заправочное)игр магазинкупить игрушку в украине